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Infant course

Target   4 years old (all year round) to 6 years old (older age)

​  Time   half an hour

 Fee ¥10,000 / month

Number of times 4 times / month ​

      *There will be 3 sessions in January, May, and months with recitals.


  対象   中学・高校生

​  時間   50

  料金   ¥16,000 / 月

  回数   4回 / 月 ​



 大人 40分コース 

  対象   大学生・大人・シニア

​  時間   40分

  料金   ¥16,000 / 月

  回数   4回 / 月 ​



  対象   小1〜6年生

​  時間   40分

  料金   ¥12,000 / 月

  回数   4回 / 月 ​


 大人 1時間コース 

  対象   大学生・大人・シニア

​  時間   60分

  料金   ¥18,000 / 月

  回数   4回 / 月 ​




  対象   中学生以上から可

​  時間   60

  料金   ¥5,000 / 1回

Lesson image.png
曜日 DAY
月 Mon
火 Tue
水 Wed
木 Thu
金 Fri
土 Sat
日 Sun
日 Sunday
土 Saturday
自由が丘 Jiyugaoka
金 Friday
北山田 Kitayamata
木 Thursday
北山田 Kitayamata
水 Wednesday
自由が丘 Jiyugaoka
火 Tuesday
自由が丘 Jiyugaoka
月 Monday
北山田 Kitayamata
* ○ = Available
  ×  = Full. There are no vacancies.
    △ = Please contact us.
​    The Jiyugaoka classroom will soon reach capacity.
About Practicing​

People find joy in piano...

  • When you realize that you improved

  • When you're able to play the song you wanted to play

  • When you became to be able to play where you weren't able to play

  • When you performed very well at the recital

  • When someone compliment you, etc.

Achievement and Successful Experience 

is very important! Which requires...


After practicing, you can play as much as you want.

Please do your best in your daily practice.

I'm sure something nice is waiting for you ... 🌟

About the origin of MMS
The college I graduate is Manhattan School of Music.
Student there call the school by the initial which is "MSM".
YES, I took my studio name from MSM !
MMS is the initial of Maiko Music Studio.
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